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Peinture DM Prestige is a specialized interior and exterior residential paint company.

We offers a painter service specialized in residential renovation and targets all customers who want to have a precision work done minutely, rigorously and with unparalleled sophistication. Peinture DM Prestige positions the competition by a perfect cut, a transparency in its commitments, recommends mainly premium products respectful of human health and the environment.

The company specializing in interior and exterior painting offers a service beyond all expectations with excellent value for money. The company’s vision is to position itself as the best residential painting company in Quebec, from Laval, in Montreal, to the North Shore via the South Shore.

The priority values of the company is to offering a punctual and reliable service. What distinguishes the company from the competition is to stand out by offering a meticulous painter service by being focused so that each stage of the process is carried out with rigor and passion to deliver an unparalleled final result.

The primary objective is differentiation, since unlike other companies in the construction sector, which has a majority of access to speed and profitability at the expense of quality, we have a different ideology on how to design our foundations. The philosophy of the company is that the end result depends on rigor, concentration and intention to give the best of oneself. For us, residential painting is an art and our work is your home.

The mission of the company is to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction rate and to make each Peinture DM Prestige experience an opportunity to create a unique, warm and livable environment. Get peace of mind in the process of your painting work thanks to our high quality work done carefully in the rules of the art with technicalism, methodism and discipline.

Considering a courteous, fast and clean service, you can entrust your paint work to Peinture DM Prestige with confidence. You can rely on our advice and expertise to restore character, prestige and value to your home. Peinture DM Prestige offers a high-end residential painter service, complete interior and exterior finish from A to Z. Just like many satisfied customers in the portfolio below, makes your home a model for those around you.

Restore color in your life now and fall back into the charm of your home! We will increase the financial value of your real estate investment. The primary motivation of the company is to redefine the quality standards of the home improvement industry with the art of precision.

The company cultivates a state of mind of perfectionism and is very accessible to the details that make the differentiation of Peinture DM Prestige. We want every customer to enjoy outstanding service and unequaled in terms of satisfaction. We offers an interior finishing service tailored to all your needs.

Here are the residential services we offer :

Interior residential paint

  • House painting
  • Plastering and surface preparation
  • Brick painting
  • Kitchen cabinet painting
  • Furniture painting
  • Interior design & coloration

Outdoor residential paint

  • Wrought iron painting
  • Concrete paint
  • Patio stain
  • Pool paint
  • Asphalt sealant

The art of perfection.

Contact us now to have a painter’s quote at the best price considering the quality of the work to enjoy exceptional service that will make your home a reference for your immediate surroundings!